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About Us

About Us

To begin with, the Universal Headlines is exactly what the name suggests, news headlines. Obviously, the team here have a big interest in the news. Indeed, our team has been together for years and we still have the interest to this day.

The Universal Headlines are more about the news itself rather than the headlines. However, as long as a story is newsworthy, we all want to know. Obviously, the main website is a forum and this is where we are now. But, we do nave a media blog which does list all the news headlines as they happen.

Over the years we notice that most people prefer the forum so this is why the forum is king here. However, that does not mean we need to neglect the blog. On the contrary, the blog regularly updates and sometimes this could be twice or three times a day. Indeed, the blog could provide you with some headlines in which to create a post on the News Forum.

Finally, we invite you to bookmark us and call back often. Indeed, one thing we encourage is to post a news headline post every time you visit. So, enjoy your stay and please call back or we will miss you!