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Posting News Articles - Rules

Finally, this forum includes all the board notices that affect the smooth running of the Universal Headlines. Obviously, we inform you of the important announcements as soon as possible. So, check here regularly.
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Posting News Articles - Rules

Post by Rob » Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:09 pm

Posting News Articles - Rules

Please post another unique news article once you log into the Universal Headlines website.
You do this by creating a new thread.
News happens all around the world so there is no excuse - it can be anything newsworthy.
Your news item must be unique so please make sure you do not duplicate threads.
Usually, you will find this near the top of the page because as the thread comes to the end of its usefulness it will descend in importance.
You are allowed to post local, national or international news articles.
You must NOT post entire scrips from the news article but you can post around 100 words - this rule will be rigid.
Then you must post a link to the news article in question within your post.
You are allowed to post the odd picture within the news article post if you think it is relevant.

Creating another news thread takes very little time.
Please enjoy yourself while you participate on the site.

The UH team.
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